The Central Building of the Oil and Gas Complex hosted a conference dedicated to the tasks outlined in the lesson of the President of Turkmenistan


06 September 2021

On September 4, in the Central Building of the Oil and Gas Complex of Turkmenistan, was held a conference on the tasks arising from the common lesson held by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on September 1 with students and students about the history, duty and responsibilities of the younger generation.

 The conference was attended by managers and employees of the oil and gas complex, faculty and students of the International Oil and Gas university named after Yagshigeldy Kakaev. Speakers during the conference noted the key role of the wise leadership of the head of state in the formation of a comprehensively informed generation of modern Turkmen youth. In this regard, examples of high achievements in the education system were given. Bezirgen Berdiev, deputy chairman of the State Corporation «Turkmengeology», Jemal Sapargulyeva, senior lecturer at the IOGU named after Y. Kakaev, director of the laboratory of the Scientific Research Institute of Natural Gas of the State Concern «Turkmengas» Khatija Chopanova, director of the geological information center of the State Corporation «Turkmengeology» Arslan Annamuradov and others with deep gratitude stated the broad transformations being implemented in the national education system and other spheres. As the head of the state emphasized in the general lesson, science and education have always been an important condition for development. Therefore, in our country, the foundations of the scientific system, the construction of the digital economy are being consistently strengthened. During the conference, it was noted that the talented youth of our country is engaged in scientific research in priority areas, as evidenced by the achievements of our pupils and students at the Olympiads and competitions held at the international level. It was also emphasized that Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the modernization of the education system in accordance with world standards. Consistent work is underway to introduce new scientific achievements, innovative teaching methods, high-quality electronic information. Summing up the results of the current meeting, its participants addressed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with words of gratitude for the tireless concern of the leader of the nation, who singles out the development of education as the most important direction of state policy.