TCOR presented petrochemical products at the exhibition of economic achievements of Turkmenistan


23 September 2022

The exposition of the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries (TCOR) was presented at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of Turkmenistan, which took place on September 20-21 at the Expo Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in honor of the 31st anniversary of the country's independence.

Two enterprises of the complex - the Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery and the Seydi Oil Refinery - demonstrated their novelties and advanced developments of petrochemical and fuel products. Among the exhibits are AI-95, AI-92 unleaded motor gasoline, aviation and technical kerosene, liquefied gas, hydrotreated diesel fuel, solvent-refined motor oil, base oils for industrial enterprises.

At the same time, special attention was focused on the compliance of a number of products with international environmental standards. As the specialists of the TCOR noted, the pride of the plant is the production of new gasoline grades A-92 and A-98, which fully comply with the quality and environmental standards of EURO-5 and EURO-6 standards.

According to experts, EURO-5 and EURO-6 fuels contain less sulfur, their exhaust toxicity is reduced compared to previous standards. At the same time, the EURO-5 format is relevant for gasoline fuel, and EURO-6 for diesel fuel.

Currently, the TCOR produces more than 20 types of fuel and petrochemical products, a significant part of which is exported to a number of countries in Asia and Europe.