SC «Turkmennebit»: results of successful work for January-July


31 August 2022

For seven months of 2022, the State Concern «Turkmennebit» produced about 2 million 123 thousand tons of «black gold» and 2 billion 613 cubic meters of «blue fuel» from industrially developed wells. At the same time, the planned production plan for this period was fulfilled by 101.1% and 115.3%, respectively.

 In January-July of this year, the specialists of the drilling departments of the «Nebitgazburawlayysh» trust developed and put into operation 20 wells, of which 19 were production wells.

 At present, the concern's drilling operations departments have powerful advanced equipment and the latest facilities, which allows drilling to a depth of up to 7,000 meters. Thanks to the effective use of modern technologies in the rich fields of the western region of Turkmenistan, over the past seven months of this year, drilling operations have been successfully completed and five production wells have been put into operation.

 Effective results were also achieved by specialists of the Ekerem drilling department.

 Over the past seven months of this year, wells drilled at the Uzynada, Keymir, Ekerem, Altyguyy, Northern Goturdepe fields in the western region of our country have been distinguished by high productivity.

 At the Uzynada field, the development of well No. 77 with a design depth of 6750 meters was successfully completed, where an industrial inflow of natural gas and oil condensate was obtained. The new well was commissioned to the oilmen of the Gumdagnebit oil and gas production department. At present, its daily debit is 91 tons of «black gold» and 75 thousand cubic meters of «blue fuel».

 Since the beginning of the year, Keymir, Gamyshlyjanebit, Goturdepenebit transferred to the oil and gas production departments and commissioned production wells No. 80, No. 94, No. 140 and No. 350 also produce an abundant amount of hydrocarbons. Currently, 9 out of 14 drilling crews at various fields are successfully developing new wells.