Turkmenistan will come up with initiatives in the field of energy at the UN General Assembly


31 August 2022

At the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, which starts in New York in a few weeks, Turkmenistan will propose a number of initiatives, including in the energy sector. This is reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.

 The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published priority positions that Turkmenistan will pursue and defend during the upcoming political season at the UN General Assembly.

 “In view of the growing crisis in the supply of energy resources to world markets, instability in relations between suppliers, transit countries and consumers, which creates global risks for economic and social development, Turkmenistan intends to return to the implementation of the provisions of the UN General Assembly resolutions on the reliability and stability of the supply of energy resources to world markets adopted on the initiative of Turkmenistan in 2008 and 2013,” the Foreign Ministry said.

 “In this regard, work will continue on the implementation of the proposals submitted earlier by Turkmenistan on the establishment of an open-ended International Expert Group to develop modern UN international legal instruments for regulating sustainable and reliable energy transit,” the Foreign Ministry notes.

 It is also noted that “Turkmenistan will renew the proposal to develop, under the auspices of the UN, global strategies for the development of low-carbon energy, in particular, the preparation of an international Roadmap for the development of hydrogen energy. To this end, in preparation for the Ministerial Meeting on Hydrogen Energy in Japan in October 2022, Turkmenistan plans to hold consultations on the above proposals”.