Neon industry can bring large incomes to Turkmenistan, - expert


23 August 2022

The well-known Turkmen scientist, expert and doctor of technical sciences Allaberdy Ilyasov considers the possibility of producing the chemical substance of neon in Turkmenistan very promising. This is reported by

 According to Ilyasov, Turkmenistan can produce neon on the basis of innovative technologies of the country's chemical industry. This element is the main and necessary component for the production of chips.

 Neon is an inert monatomic gas, colorless and odorless, it practically does not enter into an active chemical reaction with anything. But at the same time, the element has a high electrical conductivity, and turns bright red when a current is passed through it. Neon is the fifth most abundant element in the universe after hydrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon.

 The only source of its receipt is air. It is separated using low-temperature distillation technology. As a result, the lightest components of oxygen, namely Ne (neon) and He (helium), are separated from oxygen. The resulting product may contain as little as 10% of the neon-helium mixture, while the rest of the mass of the substance is nitrogen and hydrogen.

 “For industrial purposes, neon is isolated from the air, as a by-product of the separation of liquid nitrogen and oxygen from the air, in two ways: adsorption or condensation,” the report says.

 According to Ilyasov, today the price of neon is 2,500 US dollars per cubic meter. And this means that the production of pure neon can provide tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars of technological exports per year in the shortest possible time.

 It is important that neon is widely used in the industrial sector. This element acts as a coolant in cryogenic installations. Liquid neon is ideal for creating temperatures for storing rocket fuel or for simulating space conditions.

 “Thus, the scope of Ne is developing every day, and the volume of its consumption is also growing,” the Turkmen scientist sums up.