The President of Turkmenistan: the future belongs to the combined transport system


20 August 2022

The future belongs to the combined transport system. This was stated by the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov in his video address to the participants of the International Conference of Ministers of Transport of Landlocked Developing Countries, which opened on Monday at the Congress Center of the «Avaza» National Tourist Zone on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea.

«The future belongs to a combined transport communication system, with access to the largest international and regional sea, river, road, rail and air hubs, their optimal combination and the use of the advantages of each of them», - Serdar Berdimuhamedov said.

 The President of Turkmenistan also noted that «transport issues should take their permanent and firm place on the UN agenda as a separate area of ​​activity of the world organization», adding that «Turkmenistan's active policy is aimed at giving the dialogue on transport issues a systemic and consistent character».

 In his video message, Serdar Berdimuhamedov also noted that «the analysis of modern processes, the prevailing trends in the world economy convincingly shows that the development of transport and communications is becoming increasingly important and decisive».

 In this context, the President of Turkmenistan emphasized that “the potential of new transport and transit hubs is huge, vast spaces, human resources are involved in them, serious investments are made. All this creates opportunities for the transformation of the transport segment into one of the locomotives for the development of the world economy, guaranteeing it from deformations, landslide recessions, gaps in the pace of development between countries and regions”.

 In his video message, the President also noted the great importance of the ongoing form, which should give new impetus to expanding partnerships in the recovery from COVID-19 and accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

 The forum, organized on the initiative of Turkmenistan under the auspices of the UN, is attended by delegations from about 40 states and over 30 international organizations. The Turkmen side is represented at the forum by members of the government, heads and representatives of a number of ministries and departments.