Turkmen gas is also needed to fill the SGC gas pipeline, - expert


04 August 2022

- It is very difficult to fill the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) with Azerbaijani gas alone; gas from Turkmenistan is also needed. - This was stated by Julian Bowden, a senior researcher at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), Trend reports.

 “The Southern Gas Corridor is working well: it delivers gas to Southern Europe and Italy and helps the EU countries (Greece, Bulgaria and Italy) to improve the diversification of supplies,” the expert said.

 Bowden also noted that the recently signed memorandum of understanding on energy between the European Commission and Azerbaijan provides for doubling the capacity of the SGC.

 “Due to what sources of gas? If this is Azerbaijan, then commitments are needed for the Upstream sector. Filling the additional capacities of the Southern Gas Corridor by 2027 with only Azerbaijani gas looks very difficult. It is possible to connect Turkmen gas either through a swap from Iran or through the Trans-Caspian pipeline,” the expert added.