Natural gas flow received at Sherepli field


04 August 2022

On the territory of the Mary region, the gas workers of the «Turkmengazburawlayysh» department of the State Concern «Turkmengas», in accordance with the plan developed by the concern, carry out large-scale drilling of wells simultaneously at three new gas fields. As a result of drilling operations carried out by geologists at the Sherepli gas field, a commercial flow of natural gas was obtained from the operational appraisal well No. 01.

 The design depth of the well is 2,600 meters. Qualified gas workers of the department managed to get a powerful influx of "blue fuel" from a depth of 2330 meters. Well-coordinated and productive work continued for six months. According to experts, the daily flow rate of the well is 695,000 cubic meters of natural gas. Such a primary production volume gives reason to hope for the prospects of this field. The main characteristic feature of the production of the new field is the absence of hydrogen sulfide in the composition of natural gas.

 At present, drilling operations continue at an intensive pace at the new gas fields Kelleli and Yylan, located in the territory of the Mary velayat. In the coming days, it is planned to start drilling an operational appraisal well No. 02 at the Sherepli gas field.