Turkmenistan is interested in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, - MFA


28 July 2022

Turkmenistan is interested in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, its integration into the world economic relations, development of infrastructure. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Vepa Khadzhiev at the international conference "Afghanistan: security and economic development", held in Tashkent, the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan reports.

 In his speech, Khadzhiev emphasized that these factors will positively affect the security and stability of both the country itself and the region as a whole.

 The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stated that for Turkmenistan, the process of peacebuilding in Afghanistan is based on the unity of three key areas: political, economic, social and humanitarian.

«In the political dimension, - Khadzhiev stressed, - Turkmenistan calls on all interested states and international organizations to develop a dialogue with the new Afghan authorities». At the same time, he drew attention to the importance of developing cooperation with Afghan companies, continuing the implementation of international economic projects that have been launched.

 Khadzhiev also noted the need to provide regular humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people in order to prevent the threat of a humanitarian crisis.

 Readiness was expressed at the forum to continue coordination of international efforts and joint work to promote the post-conflict reconstruction of Afghanistan and its integration into the world community, the Turkmen Foreign Ministry notes.

 The forum was attended by official delegations, heads and experts of leading analytical centers of the neighboring states of Afghanistan, including from the countries of Central Asia, Russia, the USA, Iran, Pakistan, India and Belgium, heads and specialists of a number of international and regional organizations, including including the UN, EU, OIC, SCO, as well as the delegation of the Interim Government of Afghanistan.

 The conference participants expressed their understanding that today the main priority should be the revival and strengthening of the Afghan economy as an important factor in achieving lasting peace in this country, and reaffirmed their commitment to its formation as a peaceful, indivisible, independent, economically developing state, free from terrorism and drug crime.