Preparations for the autumn-winter season started


18 July 2022

The gas economic organization "Bayramalyshahergas" of the department "Marygazupjunchilik" has started to implement a set of organizational and technical measures, the implementation of which is aimed at ensuring reliable and safe operation of the gas facilities in the coming autumn-winter period.

 In order to ensure uninterrupted and trouble-free gas supply to all consumers during the critical period, the enterprise is working on the reconstruction of gas supply systems, a comprehensive instrumental examination of gas pipelines, an assessment of the technical condition and replacement of gas pipelines.

 In the service area of ​​gas workers there is a high and medium pressure gas pipeline with a length of 231 km. To date, specialists perform maintenance of 5 gas distribution, more than 50 gas control equipment.

 Since the beginning of the year, the organization's employees have built and put into operation hundreds of meters of high and medium pressure gas pipelines. Employees are provided with all the necessary means, materials and special equipment, and therefore the repair and preparatory work planned for gas networks will be carried out with high quality and on time.