Tatneft is preparing to expand the production infrastructure in Turkmenistan


08 July 2022

The branch of the Russian company Tatneft in Turkmenistan intends to expand the existing production infrastructure in our country. The relevant tender published in the Turkmen media is aimed at this.

 According to the tender, the company is looking for a contractor who will design and carry out work to expand the production base of the Tatneft branch.

 For many years, the Russian Tatneft has been cooperating with the State Concern Turkmenneft in the framework of a project to increase the flow rate of oil wells at the Goturdepe oil and gas field. In 2020, the parties extended the cooperation contract for 8 years.

 After the work carried out on the wells of the Goturdepenebit department, the Turkmen oilmen, together with their colleagues from Tatneft, achieved an increase in their non-repair service life by 6 times.

 In March 2022, the State Concern "Turkmennebit" and "Tatneft" entered into an additional agreement for the provision of services to increase the flow rate of 550 oil wells at the Goturdepe field.