02 August 2021

In 2021, which is held under the motto "Turkmenistan is Home of Peace and Trust", marks the 30th anniversary of the Independence of our state of Turkmenistan. The development of the oil and gas industry, which is the main branch of the national economy, has become one of the priority directions in the economic development of our country during the years of Independence. This determines the achieved level of the state under the Green Flag of our country, an increase in the international prestige of Turkmenistan, which has taken a course towards industrialization and modernization of the national economy.

When carrying out work in the oil and gas industry, good results are achieved due to the discovery of new methods, the introduction of the latest scientific achievements.

Creation of new production facilities, comprehensive modernization of existing facilities, as well as work on the widespread introduction of new technologies and highly efficient equipment are being carried out at a high pace. Turkmenistan, possessing huge reserves of natural resources, is recognized in the world as a large state - a producer of energy resources; the implementation of gas pipelines, transit corridors creates the basis for the transfer of energy resources in our region, the implementation of such goals as achieving happiness through development. During the years of independence, dozens of oil and gas fields were discovered in the oil and gas industry, namely, recognized as one of the largest fields in the world, the Galkynysh gas field, including numerous oil and gas fields were discovered and put into operation on the right bank of the Amu Darya and on the ground in the coastal zone and on the shelf of the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea. For 30 years of Independence, oil workers have continued to master various geological and technical measures in production to maintain at an appropriate high level and increase the amount and rate of production of crude oil and condensate.

Turkmen oil workers, in accordance with the adopted National Program for the Development of the Oil and Gas Industry of Turkmenistan for the Period up to 2030 and the "Program of the President of Turkmenistan for the Socio-Economic Development of Our Country for 2019-2025", fulfilling the tasks set for the oil industry, guided by modern requirements related to a far-sighted and the consistent policy of Esteemed President, with the aim of developing the oil industry of our country, searching for new oil fields of industrial importance, opening new productive strata and fields, as well as increasing the importance and rate of development of developed oil and gas fields, increase the topics of comprehensive cooperation in the development of oil production, along with with a digital system, the most advanced innovative technologies together with foreign companies with extensive experience in this direction.

The State Concern "Turkmennebit" conducts geological exploration, drilling wells, production of crude oil, associated and natural gas and gas condensate, as well as their collection, cleaning and preparation into a marketable state at about 30 oil and gas fields located on the mainland of our country.

Along with the Concern, by attracting experienced foreign investors on bilateral mutually beneficial terms, in order to increase the volume of crude oil produced and contribute to the development of the economy of our country, Eni Turkmenistan Limited (Italy) is developing the Burun field located on the contract territory "Nebitdag" in the continental part of the West of Turkmenistan, "Mitro International Limited" Company (British Virgin Islands) - East Cheleken field located in the "Hazar" contract area, "Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Ltd." (United Arab Emirates) - the Jeitun and Jygalybek fields, which are part of the Cheleken contract area in the Caspian basin of the Turkmen sector, and operate in the oil industry under the Production Sharing Agreements.

As the world oil and gas practice shows, one of the conditions for maintaining and increasing the rate of oil production is the timely drilling and commissioning of new high-performance wells. In this regard, in order to reduce (save) the time of drilling new wells and increase its efficiency, as well as uninterrupted commissioning in a short time, it is planned to develop in production a downhole motor, considered an innovative solution, as well as drilling jars and a set of parts for their repair.

 In order to increase the volume of production of oil reserves remaining in the productive formations of the Goturdepe field, which are at the stage of late production, including increasing the productivity of production wells, through the use of innovative technologies, measures are being taken to increase the productivity of production wells together with TATNEFT Joint Stock Company of the Republic Tatarstan of the Russian Federation, attracting investments on bilateral mutually beneficial terms. In addition, work is currently underway to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with numerous large experienced foreign investment companies.

It is expected that with the implementation of the above measures, the volume of oil produced together with condensate will increase the volume of commercial oil supplied to the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries.

In order to increase the productivity of oil fields that are at the stage of late production, and bring their development to a more significant level, to maintain the production of crude oil at the required high level, it is planned to conduct free production tests of innovative equipment and technologies of several experienced foreign companies.

For consistent and stable production of oil and gas, as well as for its increase, it is required to consistently increase its resource base, namely the volume of resources of industrial importance.

 In our country, in order to increase the volume of resources of industrial value of crude oil, gas and condensate, the Concern is carrying out appropriate work to search for new productive strata and fields, as well as to increase the efficiency of exploration work at sites and fields in the northern part of the field that are considered promising for the oil and gas future. Goturdepe in the Balkanak oil and gas region (Northern Goturdepe), Altyguyi, Kemer, North Kemer in the Gogerendag-Ekerem oil and gas region, as well as Uzynada, South Uzynada in the Gyzylgum depression on the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Recently, at the North Goturdepe oil and gas field put into commercial operation, together with the Singapore Company “Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited”, with the attraction of investments on bilateral mutually beneficial terms, it is planned to put into production a large number of production wells. At the Uzynada site, which is considered promising for the oil and gas future, wells are being drilled and put into operation at a high rate. At the site, several exploration wells with a depth of more than 7000 meters (considered the deepest well in the region) have been successfully drilled and put into operation by the Concern's specialists, and at present, large quantities of oil and gas condensate are produced from these wells. Currently, work continues at a high rate of drilling exploration wells in order to fully study the oil and gas range of this site and put it into operation at an industrial level.