Seydi Refinery Gasoline Output Exceeds 220 Thousand Tons


20 April 2022

Seydi Oil Refinery in Turkmenistan’s eastern province of Lebap produced 220,83 tons of gasoline in 2021, the local newspaper Türkmen Gündogary reported on Thursday.

The refinery, part of the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries, also produced more than 135 thousand tons of diesel, 22.5 thousand tons of fuel oil, nearly 35 thousand tons of road bitumen and other petroleum products.

The plant has a catalytic reforming unit LC 35-11/1000 to produce a high-octane component that is used in the output of gasoline. The unit allows to annually produce up to 500 thousand tons of gasoline.

The Seydi Refinery is located on the left bank of the Amudarya River, in the town of Seydi of Danev district.