The Turkmen delegation held important meetings in Tokyo and took part in the opening of the Olympic Games


26 July 2021

During the visit of representative Turkmen delegation at the head of Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet S.Berdimuhamedov to the capital of Japan according to the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan for participation in the official opening ceremony of XXXII Summer Olympic Games, a number of important bilateral meetings on discussion of issues of interstate cooperation took place.

Fulfilling commissions of head of the state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the head of delegation of our country held important bilateral meetings in the course of which they considered the present state and prospects of development of Turkmen-Japanese interaction on the most significant directions, first of all in political -diplomatic, trade and economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres.

So, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet S.Berdimuhamedov met representatives of the Parliamentary league of Japanese-Turkmen friendship.

During the visit the meeting of Chairmen of the Turkmen-Japanese and Japanese-Turkmen Committees on Economic Cooperation – Deputy Chairman S.Berdimuhamedov with Managing Director of Itochu Corporation Hiroyuki Tsubai also took place.

Heads and representatives of world famous Japanese companies "Mitsubishis Corporation", «Sumitomo Corporation», «Sojitz Corporation», «Marubeni Corporation», «Komatsu Ltd» and «Kawasaki Heavy Industries» took part in the meeting that became the regular acknowledgement of high interest of business circles of the friendly country in strengthening of positions in the perspective Turkmen market.

In favour of high efficiency of bilateral interaction to which thanks to efforts of the sides, long-term, strategic character is given, a number of joint projects successfully realised in recent years also speak. Among them - building of the largest industrial giants: factories for ammonia and carbamide manufacture in Mary, urea fertilizers in Garabogaz, polymeric gas chemical complex in the settlement of Kiyanly, the first-ever factory for manufacture of non-polluting synthetic fuel - gasoline from natural gas - in Akhal region. The modern gas turbine power station is ready to be opened in Lebap region.

During the meeting readiness of the Japanese side to take part in the building of the second turn of the factory for manufacture of non-polluting synthetic gasoline from natural gas in Akhal region was stated.

The special attention was given to the discussion of possibilities of creation of a modern industrially-technological infrastructure which can be used further by both countries in development of economic relations with regions of the Middle and the Near East, regions of the Caspian, Black and Mediterranean seas in Turkmenistan with the assistance of Japanese companies.

Following the results of present negotiations in Tokyo three bilateral documents which, in particular, are aimed at partnership expansion in transport sphere, introduction of water management of innovative methods and water saving technologies and also solution of issues of delivery of necessary technics for automobile and railway spheres, were signed. The signing of documents once again confirmed productivity of works being carried out.

Within the limits of his stay in Tokyo the head of Turkmen delegation, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet S.Berdimuhamedov met the State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan Kiyoshi Ejima.

The Japanese party, in particular, shared the vision of possible vectors of further cooperation, having presented new proposals on interaction deepening on actual directions, including petro and gas chemistry, transport -communication sector and logistics, agriculture and other branches where addition of efforts sees the most effective.

In Tokyo the meeting of Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet S.Berdimuhamedov with the Emperor of Japan Naruhito also took place.

The head of Turkmen delegation expressed the Emperor of Japan warm words of greeting on behalf of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and congratulations on the occasion of the beginning of the XXXII Summer Olympic Games, and also happiness and well-being wishes to all Japanese people.

Emperor Naruhito, in turn, thanked the head of the Turkmen delegation for kind words and conveyed to the President of Turkmenistan and all Turkmen people his wish of peace and prosperity.

As a whole having highly appreciated the Turkmen -Japanese relations on all spectrums of interaction, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Turkmenistan S.Berdimuhamedov and the Emperor of Japan Naruhito expressed firm confidence of further successful continuation of traditional cooperation.

Also within the visit of Turkmen delegation led by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet S.Berdimuhamedov to Japan the meeting with Prime Minister of Japan Suga Yoshihide took place.

During the meeting the head of the Turkmen delegation conveyed to the Prime Minister of the friendly country a greeting, and also congratulations and all Japanese people from the leader of the nation on the occasion of beginning of the ХХХII Summer Olympic Games.

As known, on May 13, the current year the telephone conversation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with Prime Minister of Japan Suga Yoshihide in which course priority directions of the interstate interaction developing on principles of mutual benefit and trust were defined, took place.

The cultural-humanitarian sphere acts as one of the priority vectors of interstate dialogue. In this context the appreciation was given to the cooperation adjusted in the field which is of great importance for disclosing and acquaintance with the national values rich with centuries-old customs and traditions of two people. The exchange of experience in this area will cause partnership enrichment by new directions.

The effective character of relations in joint committees on economic cooperation and in the area of the inter-parliamentary commissions of two countries was also noted. In this connection Deputy Chairman S.Berdimuhamedov invited the Prime Minister and representative delegation of Japan to visit Turkmenistan and to take part in the opening ceremony in honour of the 30th anniversary of sacred independence of our country the gas turbine power station with a capacity 432 MW. The given project is erected in Lebap region by the company from the friendly country «Sumitomo Corporation».

The invitation was accepted with gratitude.

Thus, the schedule of the visit of the representative Turkmen delegation led by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet S.Berdimuhamedov to Japan was very busy. Within the limits of meetings during his stay in the Land of the Rising Sun important agreements called even more to strengthen the interstate relation in which strategic, steady and long-term character is inherent, were reached. It became a bright acknowledgement of successful bilateral cooperation developing on a wide spectrum at the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov between Turkmenistan and the countries of Asian-Pacific region.

Besides, the delegation of our country led by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet, honoured coach of Turkmenistan S.Berdimuhamedov according to the commission of the leader of the nation took part in the official opening ceremony of the ХХХII Summer Olympic Games.

The opening ceremony at the Olympic stadium of Tokyo started with the parade of athletes in which course participants of the Games passed through the stadium, carrying flags of their countries with proud. Among the strongest sportsmen of the world under the Fatherland’s banner members of the national team, in which structure nine young athletes acting in four sports, also passed.

In the Olympic Games passing in Tokyo, the most titled sportsmen of Turkmenistan - Hojamuhammet Toichiev, Ovez Ovezov, Rejepbay Rejepov, Polina Guryeva, Christina Shermetova, Merdan Atayev, Darya Semyonova, Gulbadam Babamuratova and Mergen Mammedov take part.

Experts – specialists and coaches - will be close to sportsmen. Among them the head coach of the national teams in swimming, honoured coach of Turkmenistan S.Epifanov, master of sports in track and field athletics H.Rahmanov, judo coach Ch.Geldibaeva judo, honoured coaches of the country in weightlifting I.Matkarimov and head coach of the national team A.Emiryan, and also the master of sports of international class, quadruple participant of the Olympic Games U.Bazarbaev.

Participation of our compatriots in the largest tournaments of the planet, their achievement and rising year from year prestige of our country on the international sports arena are evident acknowledgement of the huge attention given by the leader of the nation to development of mass physical training and Olympic movement. Thanks to innovative initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov large scale projects and programs are realised in the country, corresponding international standards of condition for practice of various sports and development of sports of higher achievements are created and a great value to training of athletes of world level is attached.

During the prosperous epoch of the powerful state, especially in the year which is passing under the motto «Turkmenistan – homeland of peace and trust», new pages are written in the history of sports of the country. During this remarkable era our youth devoted their destiny to sports, adequately defend sports image of our Fatherland at competitions of regional and international level and display wonderful example of patriotism, courage and real skill.

Participation of our sportsmen in large competitions of the world confirms success of the state policy which primary goal is development of mass physical training –health movement and sports of high achievements.

It is necessary to note that the XXXII summer Olympic Games will last more than two weeks. This time it will feature 339 events across 33 sports. In the program of the present Games there will be at once four new sports: karate, rock-climbing, surfing and skateboarding, and also after a small break baseball and softball were included in it. Besides, the program of the Games will include mixed relay races in swimming and track and field athletics. Competitions in new sports increase number of played medals. So, as compared with the Games which were held in Rio 5 years ago, in Tokyo 33 medals more will be played.

It is necessary to note that in our country along with strengthening of mass physical training and health movement, by training of highly professional sportsmen, trainers and various experts, the great value is given to development of sports of high achievements and activization of effective international cooperation. Turkmen sportsmen participate in the prestigious sports competitions which are passing both in the country, and abroad where they receive prize-winning places and high indicators.

By means of regular exchange of experience with the foreign colleagues Turkmen trainers constantly raise professionalism and skill in various sports. Thus, everything is made so that our sportsmen adequately represent our Fatherland on world sports arena and achieve good results.