TAPI Pipeline Company: Natural Gas Helps Lower Carbon Footprint


31 March 2022

The Executive Director of TAPI Pipeline Company Limited Muhammetmyrat Amanov in his speech at the international investment forum Oil and Gas Forum of Turkmenistan (OGT-2022) spoke about the role of natural gas as a bridge to reducing the carbon footprint, the Ashgabat-based Orient news outlet reports.

He said natural gas as a clean fossil fuel can play a key role in reducing energy poverty in the coming years, thereby contributing to economic growth and electrification. Natural gas generates 30% less carbon dioxide than conventional fuels and 45% less carbon dioxide than coal.

In turn, integrating natural gas and renewable energy into power generation ensures energy security and sustainability, Amanov added.

According to Rystard Energy, amid the pandemic in 2020, the global natural gas production decreased by 3.5% to 3.918 billion cubic meters. However, the experts of the agency predict not only a quick recovery of the industry, but also an increase in gas production by 24% already by 2040.

Gas, as the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel, will replace not only coal, but also nuclear energy, as some countries consider this area potentially dangerous. Therefore, the demand for gas is expected to grow at the fastest rate among fossil fuels.