Tyazemyrat Myradov – Chief Power Engineer of the Turkmennebit State Concern – Head of the Main Energy Department:


25 March 2022

“The confident victory in the Presidential elections held in our country on March 12 showed a high degree of trust of our people to the course, pursued in independent and permanently neutral Turkmenistan, and personally to Serdar Gurbanguliyevich Berdimuhamedov as a young, initiative and progressive leader, who had showed himself from the best side in all positions previously held.

“Employees of the oil and gas complex are well aware of the merits and high business and moral qualities of Serdar Gurbanguliyevich though joint work and his specific actions. With a sense of great pride in the young leader, we watched his professional growth while holding important government positions. And for him, the interests of his people and the prosperity of the Motherland were and are always in the first place.

“In his speech at the inauguration ceremony, President Serdar Gurbanguliyevich dwelled upon the prospects of the development of the domestic fuel and energy complex, noting that he intended to implement a strategy aimed at the large-scale development of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan and its integration into the international energy system.

“We would like to assure our esteemed President that the employees of the fuel and energy complex will make every effort and will use their experience and knowledge to solve the responsible tasks set before the industry in the new historical era.”