Successful overhaul workers


06 May 2021

At the wells of the "Turkmennebit" State Concern, work is underway to overhaul layers, strengthen the bottom of the wells, return to the upper and lower layers, eliminate faults in production strings, and prevent waterlogging. In this work, new techniques and technologies are widely introduced into production. Repair crews provided with new high-performance lifting equipment (Ak-60, A-80/60, XJ-350, XJ-450, UPA-60).

Flexible tubing systems are important because they reduce repair times. This is due to the fact that when repairing, coiled tubing in a well does not require release - lifting operations, that is, they are released from these pipes.

With coiled tubing, sand plugs are flushed at the bottom of the well, dissolved and cleaned of paraffin deposits on the walls of downhole pumps and compressor pipes, acid solutions are released to influence the bottomhole zone of the well and work on setting up a cement bridge in the production casing of the well.

Since the beginning of the year, the “Nebitgazburavlayysh” Trust of the “Turkmennebit” State Concern has repaired and put into operation 176 wells. This means that 12 wells are more than planned. It was planned to produce 29 986 tons of oil from these wells. A total of 41,561 tons of oil have been produced so far.

Professional repairmen work tirelessly to complete the year successfully.