Presidential elections in Turkmenistan declared valid


14 March 2022

 The elections of the head of state have been held in Turkmenistan in an atmosphere of special solemnity. From early morning, people went to the polling stations established throughout the country to exercise their constitutional right to vote for the most deserving of the nine candidates running for President of Turkmenistan.

According to the current legislation, on March 11, the pre-election campaign ended in Turkmenistan, and on March 12, at exactly 7:00 am, the voting procedure began at all polling stations. According to data provided by the Central Commission for Holding Elections and Referenda in Turkmenistan to TDH, more than 25 percent of the electorate voted by 9 am, and by 11 am this figure exceeded 51 percent. By 1 pm, more than 71 percent of registered voters in Turkmenistan had exercised their constitutional right to freedom of expression. By 15:00 over 86 percent, and by 17:00 more than 93 percent of the population had voted. By 19:00, by the closing time of the polling stations, more than 97 percent of the electorate had voted.

A particularly lively, cheerful and solemn atmosphere has prevailed at all the polling stations, which approached the most important socio-political action perfectly ready. The elections of the President of Turkmenistan were held in high enthusiasm conditions in all cities and villages of the country, where concert venues were prepared, and on-site sales were organized.

This significant day was memorable for young voters, those who took part in the voting for the first time. They were presented with flowers and souvenirs at the polling stations.

Among those who voted for the further prosperity of their Homeland were the valiant Turkmen warriors who perform their difficult and honorable duty to protect the peaceful life of their compatriots. Elections of the President of Turkmenistan were held in all military units and formations.

As TDH was informed by the Central Election Commission, a high organizational level of the election campaign was recorded in the capital and in all five velayats of Turkmenistan, which was held in strict accordance with the legislation in force in the country and international law.

This fact was fully confirmed by the national observers who monitored the electoral process on sites. Representatives of the Mission of Observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Organization of Turkic States and foreign states could also become convinced of this. They had a full opportunity to get a real idea of how the elections were held, to feel the atmosphere of unity and solidarity of the Turkmen people.

The elections of the President of Turkmenistan and related events aroused the interest among the international community and the world media.

So, the nationwide elections of the President of Turkmenistan are an accomplished fact. In the coming days, the final results of the voting will be summed up, but even now it can be said with full confidence that they were held on a truly democratic basis, becoming an important milestone in the modern history of the independent Turkmen state.