Turkmen Presidential Election Campaign Nears End


11 March 2022

The Central Commission for Elections and Referendums (Central Election Commission) of Turkmenistan on Thursday announced that the meetings of presidential candidates with the electorate in the provinces and the city of Ashgabat to present their programs ended on Wednesday.

In total, around 55 such meetings were held in the country on equal terms, according to the Turkmen Central Election Commission.

The first such meeting was held in Turkmenistan’s northern province of Dashoguz and the last one took place in Ashgabat.

Within the framework of the campaign, on the equal basis, the country’s TV channels Altyn asyr: Türkmenistan, Miras, Ýaşlyk, Türkmenistan broadcast 9 program presentations of the candidates, and biographies and programs of candidates were published in the country’s main newspapers Turkmenistan and Neytralny Turkmenistan.

The commission added that the election campaign ends on the eve of the elections, on March 11. On the election silence day, the campaigning is prohibited.

The presidential election campaign has started on February 14. Nine candidates are running for the highest state post in March 12 early presidential elections.