Turkmenistan, US Start Annual Political Consultations


02 March 2022

Turkmenistan and the United States of America began another round of annual political consultations via video link on Tuesday.

The Turkmen delegation was led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Rashid Meredov, while the US side was led by Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu. The delegations included heads and representatives of relevant ministries and departments of the two countries.

The political consultations included discussions on topical issues relating primarily to the main areas of bilateral cooperation, the Turkmen Foreign Ministry said in its press release.

The sides emphasized that Turkmenistan and the US share common principles and approaches to a number of issues of modern international politics primarily the strengthening of stability and security in the world and in the region. Both countries closely cooperate within the framework of major international organizations, primarily in the United Nations.

The parties also confirmed their common approaches to such topical issues as promoting the goals of sustainable development and countering global threats such as terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking.

In the framework of consultations, issues of the human dimension were also discussed. In particular, a review of Turkmenistan's work in protecting and guaranteeing human rights was made. In this regard, Turkmenistan and the US expressed their willingness to continue dialogue in this area.

The political consultations between the countries will continue on Wednesday.