Turkmenistan Sets Up 41 Polling Stations Abroad For Presidential Election


28 February 2022

Turkmenistan have set up 41 polling stations in its embassies and consulates in 30 countries abroad in the course of active preparation for the March 12 presidential election, the Turkmen Foreign Ministry said in its press release on the online meeting of the head of the Turkmen foreign policy agency Rashid Meredov with the country’s diplomatic corps abroad on Sunday.

The main topic of the meeting was the issue of holding the upcoming presidential election in Turkmenistan at a high organizational level.

The Turkmen Foreign ministry said the setting of 41 polling stations abroad “once again proves that Turkmenistan has established an election system of a high level of democracy, and citizens' rights are fully implemented”.

The Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan has registered nine candidates for the highest state post of Turkmenistan since the start of presidential election campaign last Monday. The presidential candidates are presently meeting with voters in provinces of the country.