In Turkmenistan continues, Registration of candidates for the post of President of the country


17 February 2022

In the capital was held a meeting of the Central Commission for Elections and Referendums in Turkmenistan , which was attended by the head and members of the CEC, representatives of the media. The main issue on the agenda is the registration of a candidate nominated by the Agrarian Party for the post of President of Turkmenistan.

Agajan Bekmyradov, deputy khyakim of the Mary velayat, has been registered as a candidate for the highest state post, whose candidacy was nominated and unanimously approved by the participants of the Extraordinary IV Congress of the Agrarian Party held on the eve, which was also attended by representatives of public organizations, the media.

As noted during the congress, Agajan Bekmyradov has the abilities of a leader and organizer, professional and personal qualities worthy of respect, which gives grounds for making a decision to nominate him as a candidate for the highest state post.

The Deputy Hyakim of the Mary Velayat, Agajan Bekmyradov, who was registered as a candidate for the post of President of Turkmenistan, was presented with an corresponding certificate.

Expressing gratitude to the participants of the meeting of the Central Election Commission, A. Bekmyradov assured that if he was elected President of Turkmenistan, he would apply all his knowledge, skills and experience to justify the high trust placed in him.

In this way, the preparations for the elections of the President of the country scheduled for March 12, carried out in accordance with the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan, continue, and it can be argued with good reason that they are taking place on a truly democratic basis, becoming an important milestone in the modern history of the independent Turkmen state.