New stage in the development of the oil and gas industry


11 February 2022

On February 8, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a working meeting on the digital system, which was attended by some Vice-Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers and hyakims of the regions. Issues related to the further economic development of independent Turkmenistan and the improvement of the living standards of the people were considered.

 During the meeting, the head of state, having informed that investments had recently been directed to the State Concern «Turkmengas» and the State Corporation «Turkmengeology», said that this day he has signed the Decree on the allocation of investments, according to which the State Concern «Turkmennebit» will receive over 250 million manats.

 On the day of signing such an important Decree in the Central building of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan, under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Sh. Abdrakhmanov, a conference was held on the topic “A new era in the development of the oil and gas industry in Epoch of people with Arkadag”.

 The conference was attended by the heads of the oil and gas complex and employees of organizations and enterprises, representatives of the media, teachers of the IOGU named after Yagshigeldy Kakayev. During the conference, Vice-Chairman Sh. Abdrakhmanov, Chairman of the State Concern «Turkmennebit» Guychgeldy Baygeldiyev and employees of various structures of the oil and gas complex, editors-in-chief of the magazines «Garagum», «Diyar», teachers of the IOGU named after Yagshigeldy Kakayev made speeches.

 The speakers emphasized that as a result of the tireless efforts of the leader of the nation, large investments are being directed to the oil and gas industry of our country, which ensures the successful implementation of the tasks set by the head of the state.

 It was also noted that the increase in fruitful cooperation with a number of foreign countries, the successful implementation of instructions previously given by the head of state to increase the volume of exports of Turkmen natural gas, expand the routes of international gas pipelines, and coordinate the work of specialized structures for this purpose.

 As the leader of the nation emphasized, attention should be focused on the fact that a scientific approach, competent economic and strategic planning are a distinctive feature of economic policy, the successful implementation of which ensures the transformation of the Motherland into a prosperous, economically powerful, strong state capable of investing huge finances in the development of industries.

Investments in the oil and gas complex will help increase the capacity of the fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan, which plays a significant role in the harmonious development of the country's economy, confidently moving towards new frontiers of development. During the conference, the participants expressed sincere gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan for the implementation of initiatives and proposals, noting their special significance.

 The solemn conference was decorated with performances of musical groups of the Cultural and Business Center of the State Concern «Turkmengas».

 At the end of the event, its participants adopted an Appeal to the President of Turkmenistan.