Turkmenistan Exports 57.7 Thousand Tons of Aviation Fuel to Georgia


21 January 2022

Turkmenistan shipped 57.7 thousand tons of aviation fuel to Georgia in 2021, the Baku-based Report news agency reported on Wednesday with reference to the Union of Oil Product Importers of Georgia.

During the period, Turkmenistan provided nearly 60% of Geogia’s aviation fuel demand, becoming the country’s main supplier of the products.

In 2021, Georgia imported a total of 96.4 thousand tons of aviation fuel, a 70.9% increase over the year before.

The second main supplier of aviation fuel to Georgia is Azerbaijan, which shipped 12 thousand tons of the fuel.

Turkmenistan is also Georgia’s leading supplier of gasoline and diesel fuel. Georgia last year imported 244,601 tons of gasoline and diesel fuel from Turkmenistan. These supplies account for 23% of Georgia’s total imports of the products.