Successful work of drillers


06 May 2021

Drillers of the "Turkmennebit" State Concern known as the largest industrial enterprise in the country, have done a commendable job to increase the production of "black gold" and "blue fuel", which are the main resources of the subsoil of our country.

Since the beginning of the year, the enterprises of the “Nebitgazburavlayysh” Trust of the State Concern have drilled 53,834 meters against the plan of 41,384 meters. Thus, 12,450 meters were drilled in excess of the target, the plan was fulfilled by 130.1%. It should be noted that out of the total volume of drilled meters, 8638 meters are for production, and 3812 meters for exploration drilling. During the planned period, the construction of 8 wells was completed, while the plan was 7 wells.