Turkmenistan’s Major Refinery Launches Production of A-98 Gasoline


10 January 2022

Turkmenistan’s major oil processing plant Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries (TCOR) launched the production of A-98 gasoline that meets the quality requirements of EURO-6 standards.

The Deputy Chairman of Turkmen Government Shahym Abdrakhmanov, overseeing the country's oil and gas industry, briefed on the new production of the TCOR to the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during the online cabinet on Friday.

The Vice-Premier said the refinery’s new product fully meets the quality requirements of the EURO-6 standards and is characterized by the highest environmental friendliness.

Abdrakhmanov also briefed that the research conducted by the international laboratory of Dutch Saybolt company resulted in the awarding of certificates of compliance of these products with the ecological requirements of K5 and EURO-6 standards. He added that presently the Türkmenstandartlary (Turkmen Standards) Main State Service is working on adding A-98 gasoline as a new type of oil products to the state register and issuing a certificate of compliance.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov welcomed with satisfaction the news of the new environmentally friendly domestic product and emphasized that the fuel and energy complex is one of the key segments of the national economy.

Last summer, Turkmenbashi refinery started the production of pearlized white polypropylene film and Jet A-1 aviation fuel.