Government meeting considered the work of fuel and energy enterprises in the Balkan region


29 December 2021

Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Shakhym Abdrakhmanov reported on the situation in the fuel and energy complex in the Balkan region at a government meeting chaired by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov last Friday.

 In particular, the Vice-Chairman reported on the work carried out to modernize the facilities of the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries, as well as on the results of a working trip to the Balkan region on December 20-22 this year.

 It was noted that the scope of work on the drilling of new and capital repairs of existing wells, the introduction of modern technologies, allowing to increase the return of productive deposits of fields in long-term operation, was expanded. Prospecting and exploration work is also underway to identify areas that are promising for oil and gas.

 As the Vice-Chairman reported, wells have been repairing and drilling, and a full analysis of the reserves of productive formations has carried out.

 After listening to the report, the President mentioned the need for the steady implementation of programs for the development of the fuel and energy complex aimed at strengthening its industrial and export potential, modernizing the industry infrastructure through the use of innovative technologies and advanced developments.

 Focusing the attention of the vice-premier on the numerous opportunities that have not yet been realized in the oil and gas industry, the head of state ordered to radically change the management system of the fuel and energy complex in accordance with modern international standards.

 In general, all this is intended to contribute to the diversification of the industry, to strengthen the position of Turkmenistan in the world energy markets, including high-tech gas chemical products, to meet the growing demand for energy resources.