Construction of a new unit is nearing completion at TCOR, which will increase the production of light oil products


20 December 2021

At the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries (TCOR), the construction of a complex of delayed coking and tar deasphalting units is nearing completion.

 The new complex is designed to process all heavy residues at the plant (tar, oil sludge, asphalt and other residual products) into more valuable light oil products (gasoline, diesel fuels) and electrode coke.

 The operation of the complex of delayed coking and tar deasphalting units, which is being built by specialists from Westport Trading Europe Limited, will have a positive effect on the economic and environmental efficiency of the entire plant as a whole. For example, it will make it possible to increase the production of light oil products – motor gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied gases (with further processing of liquefied gases into polypropylene).

 In the construction of the complex, the best technologies are used for installations of this type. In general, the technologies tested in Russia, Europe, and the USA will be debugged at the ultrasonic inspection and tar deasphalting on an industrial scale.

 To train personnel for work in the future workshop, it is planned to develop a technological simulator for the operation of the ultrasonic inspection. This simulator will train operators in “virtual” work prior to completion of construction and commissioning of the workshop itself. This approach will increase safety during commissioning.

 The creation of modern, high-tech and efficient production lines in Turkmenistan on the basis of the TCOR meets the objectives of the «Program for the Development of the Oil and Gas Industry of Turkmenistan until 2030», one of the key aspects of which is to increase the production of high-quality oil products in the country.

 For example, in 2016, a modern technological unit for the production of road bitumen was put into operation at the Seydi oil refinery. The newest unique technology from Turkmen oil was developed by Westport Trading Europe Limited, which makes it possible to obtain road bitumen that meets international quality standards.