The main New Year’s tree of Turkmenistan lights up with festive lights


17 December 2021

The ceremony of lighting of the main New Year’s tree, which traditionally anticipated the events in honour of arrival of the New Year holiday, has taken place in the Turkmen capital.

The beautiful green New Year’s tree topped with an eight-pointed star and figures 2022 has been installed in the centre of the fabulous place arranged on the square in front of Alem Cultural and Entertainment Centre, where New Year festivities take place every year.

The main New Year’s tree of the country dressed in a sparkling costume of numerous crystal snowflakes, balls and lanterns of different colours, beads and tinsels and LED garlands is 38 and a half meters high and its diameter is 16 meters. By the way, in recent years, the main New Year’s tree of Ashgabat has taken first place in the rankings of the highest one among the New Year’s trees of capital cities of CIS countries.

During New Year festivities, this bright symbol will become the most attractive sightseeing place for residents and guests of the Turkmen capital, which has marked its 140th birthday anniversary this year and has entered in the annals of the modern history of our country as year of the 30th anniversary of independence of our Fatherland.

Every year young residents of Ashgabat welcome and accompany Ayaz baba and his granddaughter Garpamyk to the main New Year’s tree and familiarize their long-awaited guests with the changes, which have taken place in the outlook of the dynamically developing central city of our country in the past year.

So, today a special route of the New Year motorcade also passed through the new city district and it got a start from the crossings of Bitarap Turkmenistan and Archabil Avenues. From there one can see a wonderful view of new buildings of the Turkmen capital. One of them is Ashgabat shopping and entertainment and business centre where all conditions for interesting and educational leisure of citizens and especially of children are created.

Then, Ayaz baba and his granddaughter Garpamyk changed their cabriolet for the snow-white phaeton and accompanied by agile horsemen of Galkynysh Equestrian Sports Games Group, who were prancing on wonderful Akhal-teke horses as well as young hosts of the Turkmen capital who got on a two-storey bus, continued their tour of festively decorated Ashgabat on the eve of the New Year.

Participants of the show took a ride among high-rise residential buildings and enjoyed the architectural outlook of new buildings of the Turkmen capital, which have become a visual evidence of the great attention and tireless work of the leader of the nation to the development of the central city of the country and comfortable life of Turkmen nationals. At modern buildings of ministries and departments, which have formed a business centre on Archabil Avenue there, there have been installed well-decorated small New Year trees, which on the route of the phaeton of Ayaz baba, were lit up by his magic stick with bright lights.

At last, the caravan arrived in Alem Cultural and Entertainment Centre where the main New Year’s tree is installed. Here one can especially feel an approach of the favourite holiday filled with performances of the fabulous magic.

At the entrance to the wonderful land, the guests are welcomed by characters of Turkmen fairy tales, heroes of favourite cartoons of children buried in lights of different colours.

Models of ancient fabulous forts and Oriental bazaars with their typical attributes add a special colour to the atmosphere.

With great joy and noisy greetings and happy songs, well-dressed children welcome Ayaz baba and Garpamyk.

Young actors of the Palace of Child and Youth Creativity, art schools, as well as dance groups of children of Ashgabat have also prepared their creative gifts for them. Children dressed in animal costumes, symbols of the Oriental calendar, invite them to sing and dance in a ring together at the main New Year’s tree.

On behalf of young Turkmen nationals, Ayaz baba and his traveling companion Garpamyk convey President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and his people their sincere congratulations on the upcoming New Year and wish them happiness, health, and great successes in implementation of progressive transformations for the wellbeing and progress of our Fatherland. They express their gratitude to the leader of the nation for his tireless care of children and creation for all necessary conditions in the country for the all-round harmonious development of the growing generation.

And, of course, the culmination moment of the joyful New Year event became the lighting of the beautiful New Year tree at the will of children and by the magic of the stick of Ayaz baba. Myriads of bright lights heralded arrival of the magic, fabulous, joyous and kind New Year holiday soon.

The festive event continued with the concert, which took place on the festive square set up in front of Alem Cultural and Entertainment Centre.

On behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, children got wonderful presents as keepsake of an unforgettable event.

Following the capital New Year tree, all other New Year trees installed in regions on festively decorated squares in front of the buildings «Türkmeniň ak öýi» as well as in centres of cities and villages of the country were lit up.

From today festive events in honour of the upcoming New Year 2022 - the new year of the prosperous epoch of the powerful state here will be held.