New technologies make work at gas stations more comfortable


10 December 2021

Employees of the Gubadag Oil Enterprise of the Main Directorate of «Turkmennebitonumleri» for 11 months of this year have demonstrated effective results of their activities. After major reconstruction, a filling station No. 170 was put into operation, located in the eastern part of the Gubadag-Dashoguz highway.

 The gas station is located in an area with high traffic, which makes it especially in demand for drivers. The overhaul works were carried out by specialists of the economic construction and assembly department of the Dashoguz region, Main Directorate of «Turkmennebitonumleri» of the TCOR. The station is capable of servicing up to 1,500 vehicles daily.

 In addition, there are 5 modern gas stations on the territory of the etrap. Geographically, the filling stations of the enterprises are located along the main highways. For the convenience of customers, payment for services at the stations is accepted both in cash and by credit card. The introduction of new technologies makes work at gas stations easier and the work of employees more comfortable.