Employees of the «Galkynyshnebit» oil and gas production department have produced more than 49.8 thousand tons of oil in 11 months


06 December 2021

 Thanks to the introduction of advanced and innovative equipment, the oilmen of the «Galkynyshnebit» oil and gas production department of the State Concern Turkmennebit have reached a new high-quality level of work in the development of the Cheleken Peninsula subsoil, the subsoil of which contains large deposits of hydrocarbons.

 For 11 months of 2021, according to management, the volume of production from operating wells amounted to 49 thousand 883 tons of «black gold». More than 4 thousand tons of raw materials were produced in excess of the established plan.

 At the well with low productivity, located at the Dagadzhik site, the efforts of the drillers were carried out to increase the flow rate of the well, as a result of which an abundant flow of oil was obtained. At present, the daily productivity of the well is 25 tons.

 Specialists of the Nebitdag drilling department have successfully completed and completed drilling of the next well at a depth of 1,200 meters. The daily flow rate of the new well No. 654 put into operation is more than 6 tons of crude oil.

 These days, specialists from the Goturdepe drilling department are preparing to start exploration work at well No. 707 located at the West Cheleken site. It is also expected to receive an abundant inflow of crude oil, which in the future will significantly increase the production indicators of the Galkynyshnebit oil and gas production department. The enterprise carries out strict technical control of each productive well.

 According to geologists, the prospective subsoil of the Cheleken Peninsula contains significant reserves of «black gold». Well development is carried out at a design depth of 1200-2750 meters. Since the beginning of this year, a number of wells have been overhauled. Also, in order to increase oil recovery, vats with a volume of 50-100 cubic meters were installed on the territory of wells with low productivity.