Welcome address of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the participants of the XXVI International Conference «Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan-2021»


29 October 2021

Dear participants of the international conference!

 Dear guests!

 I sincerely congratulate you on the start of the XXVI International Conference «Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan-2021», held in our beautiful capital for the twenty-sixth time! I wish you great success in your work to develop the oil and gas industry of our state!

 Dear guests!

 Dear compatriots!

 Every day of the year passing under the motto «Turkmenistan – Homeland of Peace and Trust» is marked by a wealth of unforgettable events of historical significance. Recognized among the developed countries of the world, in the era of power and happiness, Turkmenistan confidently follows new frontiers of progress with the speed of a horse.

 This historic year, Turkmenistan celebrated the 30th anniversary of sacred independence, marking this date with successes and glorious events. Over the past years, marked by historical successes, the courageous people of Turkmenistan, systematically increasing the economic potential of the Homeland and strengthening the unswerving foundations of the state, have demonstrated to the whole world the capability of creating, comprehensively strengthening their sovereignty.

 The international conference, annually held in order to widely show the world community the achievements of the country's oil and gas industry and exchange experience with foreign partners, is of great importance in the ongoing work on exploration, development of energy resources and bringing the production potential of the industry in line with international standards.

 During the years of independence, the oil and gas industry has become one of the priority areas of the country's economic development. Positive results are yielded by the work carried out within the framework of the state's energy strategy in order to use the country's hydrocarbon resources in the interests of the Turkmen people and the peoples of other countries.

 As one of the states that export large volumes of energy resources, Turkmenistan is a supporter of the creation of stable international systems for transporting these resources to foreign states. Diversification of export routes, creation of a multi-vector pipeline system have become the main direction of the energy policy of our independent state.

 Our country is implementing its development strategy through diversification. As a result, in recent years, together with our partners, we have successfully implemented projects for the construction of a number of large pipelines in the eastern and southern directions. Their strategic importance lies in ensuring energy security throughout the world, creating a multi-vector system for transporting Turkmen energy resources.

 The implementation of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project will give a powerful impetus to the strengthening of sustainable development and peace in the region, and will contribute to the further strengthening of economic cooperation.

 Gas pipelines, transport and transit corridors under construction in our country within the framework of the oil and gas policy create a solid foundation for the transportation of energy resources in the region and the achievement of a happy and prosperous life through development.

 Dear participants of the conference!

 In our country, a lot of work is being done to ensure an increase in oil and gas production and processing, production volumes of a variety of competitive oil and gas products that are in high demand on world markets.

 In recent years, we have been paying special attention to the development of the petrochemical and gas chemical industry. The development of this sector of the economy, the effective use of the rich hydrocarbon resources of our country and the increase in the volume of processed and exported energy resources are one of the main directions of state policy.

 The fruitful use of the natural resources of the Turkmen land in order to increase the economic potential of the country is the most important aspect of the state's energy strategy. A detailed analysis on this topic is given in my book «Independence – our happiness».

 Dear friends!

 Once again, I sincerely congratulate you on the start of the XXVI International Conference «Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan-2021»!

 I wish you good health, family well-being and great success in developing and bringing to the world level the most powerful branch of the state's economy – the oil and gas industry!