How are Internet Services Rendered in Turkmenistan?


14 October 2021

According to the Law of Turkmenistan on Legal Regulation of the Development of the internet and the Provision of Internet Services in Turkmenistan, based on the Constitution of Turkmenistan, internet services are services that are provided by transmitting or receiving data via internet channels.

Licensing of the activities of individuals and legal entities for the provision of internet services is carried out in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Turkmenistan and other regulatory legal acts of the country.

The main directions of state policy in the field of activities for the provision of internet services are:

• ensuring universal and equal access to internet connection services by creating and maintaining the infrastructure of state and non-state structures that provide computer devices for use connected to the internet;

• provision of benefits in the provision of internet services to socially unprotected segments of the population;

• formation and integration into the internet of networks and information resources of state authorities and administrations, local governments, educational and library institutions of Turkmenistan to provide citizens with universal access to them;

• assistance in the development of remote forms of employment of workers for a fuller realization of the right of every citizen to work, as well as participation in labor processes of persons with limited working capacity;

• ensuring information security of the state, individuals and legal entities in the process of providing internet services;

• timely improvement of the mechanism of legal regulation of activities for the provision of internet services, taking into account changes in technologies and public relations regarding their use.

Certification of technical equipment and software used to provide internet services is carried out in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Turkmenistan.

One of the main tasks of providing internet services is the public dissemination of information. Online advertising plays an important role in the dissemination of mass media. Electronic advertising is spreading more quickly than print advertising. Advertising is also important to the economic position of the advertising side.

Domain names and websites are registered by the National Registrar in the national top-level domain “.TM”.