A little about the history and services of the postal service of Turkmenistan


11 October 2021

World Post Day is celebrated on October 9 every year on the day of the creation of the Universal Postal Union. The union was founded in 1874 in the Swiss capital Bern. The official announcement of the World Post Day came from the rostrum of the UPU Congress held in 1969 in Tokyo (Japan). It is included in the UN system of world and international days and is designed to promote the popularization and development of postal services in the world. Also, this day falls on Letter Week, during which various festive events are held dedicated to the post office and its employees. Since then, World Post Day has been celebrated annually in many countries around the world. Posts in many countries are taking advantage of this opportunity to introduce or promote new postal products and services. The postal company "Turkmenpochta" began its main development from the very day of its foundation, that is, from April 1993. Currently, the company has set itself the task of performing its work in accordance with modern requirements. Having become a member of the universal postal union since January 26, 1993, the company of the Communications Agency of Turkmenistan "Turkmenpochta" acts as the postal operator of the state. This makes it possible to send mail in a short time. In order to cooperate with all postal organizations of the world, a kind of complex of postage stamps of Turkmenistan and the whole world was created. During the years of independence, the postal company "Turkmenpochta" has issued hundreds of postage stamps. They describe in different colors the glorified history of Independent, Neutral Turkmenistan, its historical monuments, its culture and art, the successes of Turkmen athletes in sports, its world of animals and plants. Also, successes in the new history of Independent Turkmenistan are highlighted. To comply with the quality of postal services to world standards, in order to speed up the delivery of parcels, the postal company "Turkmenpochta" was merged with the conductors of EMS Express Mail Service, within 3-4 days the parcels are delivered anywhere in the world. As is known, this kind of service has achieved popularity among customers. This influenced the height in the increase in the number of letters of notifications and parcels imported into Turkmenistan. There is also a website in three languages: Turkmen, Russian and English; the site provides wide informational support about the services of the postal company "Turkmenpochta".

Currently, having offices in all corners of Turkmenistan, the postal company "Turkmenpochta" employs over 2,000 people. They ensure that letters and periodicals are delivered on time to their owners. With the help of road transport, they deliver letters and parcels to the necessary places between the cities of our country every day. Also, they deliver postal parcels to the most remote and inaccessible regions of Turkmenistan on time. Every day different editions are delivered in every corner of our country. Moreover, "Turkmenpochta" responsibly and successfully subscribes to a subscription publication for state organizations, in order to extensively study the successes achieved in the scientific, technical, economic, educational and healthcare spheres.