Turkmenistan to Establish E-Register of People Vaccinated Against COVID-19


07 October 2021

The e-register of people vaccinated against COVID-19 will be established in Turkmenistan. The project is implemented with the support of UNDP, within the Russian Expert on Demand Programme. Expert Anatoly Lavrov is currently assisting the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan (MHMIT) with the establishment of the e-register, the UNDP Turkmenistan said in its Friday press release. “The project aims at providing consultations on the development of an e-register using current international experience in the development of similar systems, considering the principles of building e-government projects, as well as making further recommendations to the digital transformation strategy of the Ministry of Health, which are necessary for the subsequent integration of the register into a single information space”, - Anatoly Lavrov said, outlining the project objectives. The e-register will assist the Ministry to assess the coverage rate with vaccination, and plan the supplies of vaccines, according to the UNDP statement. The Russian Experts on Demand programme is part of the Knowledge Management and Capacity Building project financed by the Russian Federation through the Russia-UNDP Trust Fund for Development (TFD).

In September, the UNDP has delivered two batches of insulin to the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan. The delivery was organized through the joint UNDP Turkmenistan and MHMIT project signed in December 2020 aiming to provide assistance to the Ministry to control the noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in the country. The project with a budget of $32.8 million is fully funded by the Government of Turkmenistan.