The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan


14 September 2021

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has held the next online meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers in which the results of work of branches of the economic complex for eight months of the current year were summed up and also topical issues of social and economic development of the country were considered. Passing to the agenda, the leader of the nation first gave the floor to deputy-chairman of the Cabinet S. Berdimuhamedov who reported on macroeconomic indicators for eight months of 2021. Positive results were reached for the considered period thanks to successfully realized practical steps aimed at further development of the national economy. For January-August of the current year, a stable growth rate of GDP was observed. As compared with the similar period of the past year production in general increased by 5, 5 percent. For eight months the volume of retail commodity turnover as compared with the corresponding period of 2020 grew by 17 percent, and the volume of foreign trade turnover increased by 9,6 percent. Following the results of the reporting period the revenues of the State budget were fulfilled at the level of 114,5 percent, and expenditures - 97,5 percent. By large and medium-sized enterprises the average monthly salary as compared with the similar period of the past year is 10,5 percent higher. The salary, pensions, welfare payments and student's grants were in due time financed. Within realization of new edition of the National rural program construction of various buildings, including 102 objects of social importance, 35 water treatment constructions, 129,1 thousand square meters of housing, and also engineering networks was conducted. In total investments for the sum of 1449,1 million manats were realized. As of September 6 of the current year over the country, more than 50 large objects of production and social appointment were put in operation. The current month in the Turkmen capital is planned to put into operation 4 buildings and a number of objects, among which – a modern park and subways in the northeast part of A. Niyazov Avenue and Hoja Ahmet Yasavy Street, a complex of the state tribune, trade and entertaining and business centre, modern houses on Teheran Street. Having heard the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov commissioned him to prepare proposals on the State budget of the country and to submit for consideration of the Cabinet. Thus, the emphasis was placed that it is necessary to provide increase in salaries, pensions and welfare payment in the draft of the main financial plan on average by 10 percent. Then deputy-chairman of the Cabinet Sh. Abdrakhmanov reported on results of work in sectors under his supervision for eight months of the current year. It was reported on technical and economic indicators reached in the field of oil and gas condensate production, and also oil processing. The plan for production of gasoline was implemented by 107,5 percent, polypropylene – by 109,7 percent, for production of natural and associated gas – by 122,1 percent, to export of natural gas – by 133,6 percent, development of investments – by 102,1 percent. Deputy-chairman of the Cabinet Ch. Gylyjov reported on results of the work carried out for eight months of the current year in the trade and textile complexes, and also business sector he supervises. For January-August, 2021 by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations as compared with the similar period of the past year the growth of trade turnover made up 120,8 percent, growth of production - 117,6 percent. The volume of textile production, including cotton yarn and fabrics released by enterprises of the Ministry, was equal respectively to 116,8 and 104,4 percent, sewing and knitted products - 121,8 percent, leather products - 104,3 percent as compared with the similar period of the past year.

Since the beginning of the current year the plan for production of "Türkmenhaly" State Association was implemented by 110,1 percent at the growth rate of 155,2 percent. The State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange for eight months held 198 trading sessions in which 20 thousand 866 contracts were registered. The growth of the work which was carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the reporting period made up 105,7 percent. By the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs increase in production of agricultural and food production for January-August made up 137,4 percent, industrial - 107 percent. Further deputy-chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Ch. Purchekov reported on results of work of construction, industrial and power complexes, Türkmenhimiýa State Concern and capital administration for eight months of the current year. For the reporting period the plan for production and performance of work in the construction and industrial sector was executed by 129,2 percent. By the Ministry of Construction and Architecture for January-August of this year the plan was fulfilled by 110,5 percent.

The Ministry of Industry and Construction Production implemented the plan for production and realization of work by 124,9 percent. From the beginning of the year by the Ministry of Energy the plan for production and rendered services was executed by 120,4 percent. The growth rate of electricity generation made up 111 percent, and its export - 135,8 percent. The plan for production and rendering services was executed by Türkmenhimiýa State Concern by 136,2 percent. By the khyakimlik of Ashgabat city the plan for the work and the provided services for eight months of the current year was executed by 165,8 percent. In turn, deputy-chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers E.Orazgeldiyev reported on results of activity of the branches under his supervision for eight months of the current year. By the agro-industrial complex increase in production of production as compared with the similar period of the past year made up 108,3 percent, including by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection - 109,1 percent, the State Committee for Water Management - 102,1 percent, State Association "Türkmenatlary" - 102,6 percent. The plan for development of investments was implemented by 130,3 percent. The deputy-chairman reported on the preparation for the 16th meeting of the Joint Turkmen-Uzbek commission on trade and economic, scientific, technical, and cultural cooperation, which is planned for September 13-14 in the city of Tashkent, and also the next meeting of the Turkmen-Uzbek intergovernmental commission on water management issues. Deputy-chairman of the Cabinet S. Toylyev reported on the work done in education, sciences, health care and sport for eight months of the current year. In the health sector the Plan of readiness of Turkmenistan for counteraction to acute infectious disease and taking measures of rapid reaction, the National program for increase of immunity of the population in Turkmenistan for 2021-2025 and National strategy "Healthy mother - healthy child - healthy future" were taken for the reporting period the State program "Saglyk" in the new edition.

Further deputy-chairwoman of the Cabinet M. Mammedova reported on activity of subordinated structures for the last eight months of the year. Steps were taken for further development of effective cooperation with foreign partners. Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs work on the multilateral and national nominations of Turkmenistan and their entering into the UNESCO List of the World Heritage was conducted. CEO of Transport and Communications Agency at the Cabinet of Ministers M. Chakyev reported on results of work of the complex for eight months of the current year. From January to August the plan for rendering services and production by this complex was executed by 111,9 percent. The growth rate for the expired period by Türkmendemiryollary Agency made up 107,3 percent, Türkmenawtoulaglary Agency - 140 percent, Türkmendenizderyayollary Agency - 141,1 percent, Türkmenaragatnashyk Agency - 110,6 percent. The corresponding work was carried out by Türkmenhowaýollary Agency. The plan for cargo transportation which was carried out by all modes of transport was executed by 103,1 percent, for goods turnover – by 105,2 percent. Then deputy-chairman of the Cabinet, Minister of Foreign Affairs R. Meredov, delivered the report on activity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for eight months of the year and its results. Our country was also visited by Secretaries General of the Economic Cooperation Organization and Council of Cooperation of Turkic speaking countries, Chairman of the 75th session of the Un General Assembly. Telephone conversations of the President of Turkmenistan with heads of a number of the foreign states took place.

By the digital communication 1 thousand 173 meetings of various level were organized. Within a year, 109 international documents were signed. Then, addressing participants of the meeting, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that in spite of spread of coronavirus infection in the world and its negative influence on the world economy, results of the work which was carried out in the country for eight months show further development of our independent state in the jubilee year according to the accepted programs. For the reporting period the GDP growth made up 6,2 percent. In the country the building of large industrial and social facilities, among which are new settlements, housing complexes, health improving centres, schools, kindergartens and others proceeds at an accelerated rate. According to the drawn-up plans from January to August 56 large objects, instead of planned 30, were put into operation. The opening of a number of new buildings is still expected until the end of the year. For eight months, houses with a total area about half a million square meters were put into exploitation. Having focused attention on tasks for this anniversary year which were specifically designated at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers devoted to results of the last half-year and also in "The program of the President of Turkmenistan for social and economic development of the country for 2019-2025", the head of state emphasized that they demand a lot of work to carry out. As known, the head of state continued his speech that until the end of the current year a number of important actions is planned. In September the main holiday of our powerful state – glorious 30th anniversary of independence will be solemnly celebrated, the meeting of the Khalk Maslakhaty will be held. For a big contribution to development of the country, the state prizes will be given to model and inspired work the most worthy employees of various branches. Closing the digital meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished its participants good health, family wellbeing, great success in their work for further prosperity of our sovereign Fatherland.